Corporate Sponsors are committed to increasing access and opportunities for girls in San Diego County. By becoming a Corporate Sponsor, you demonstrate to all Girls Inc. of San Diego County girls that your company believes in investing in their futures.

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Funding levels support:
  • The premiere STRONG sponsor supports all GISD healthy life skills programming for the school year such as, Mind + Body, Healthy Sexuality and Friendly PEERsuasion
  • The BOLD sponsor supports all GISD programming that helps girls learn to be independent and advocate for themselves. This includes Living Safe & Strong, Leadership & Action and Action for Safety
  • The SMART sponsor supports programs that supplement a girl’s school-based learning or fill-in the gaps with more specialized, hands-on skills training. Programs such as College Bound/Job Ready, Coding & Computer Science and Thinking SMART help girls understand academic concept and their application in the real world.

Each Strong, Smart, Bold sponsorship provides up to 120 girls with Girls Inc. programming at no cost to her or her family.

  • A full year of programming (Spring, Summer and Fall) for a cohort of up to 20 girls
  • 40 hours of research-based program participation and weekly mentorship
  • Girls participate in 3 different Girls Inc. program topics throughout the year from our Strong, Smart and Bold curriculum
  • Sponsor a hands-on science-based program that meets once a week for 15 weeks
  • Inspire up to 20 girls to consider studies and professions in a STEM field
  • Subsidize all the equipment and consumable supplies for the program
  • Cover the transportation costs for girls to tour a STEM company or participate in an interactive field trip that demonstrates STEM in the real world


  • One 15-week semester of comprehensive programming in which up to 20 girls will receive Girls Inc. programming twice a week (excluding equipment, supplies or field trip expenses)
  • One 15-week semester of comprehensive programming in which up to 20 girls will receive Girls Inc. programming once a week
  • Applicable to programs that require no new/additional equipment or consumable supplies

Why Support Girls?

1. In San Diego County, women ages 18 to 34 are the largest demographic living in poverty.[1] Girls Inc. of San Diego County provides essential support that helps keep girls on track to graduate high school and pursue college. Girls who graduate from high school will earn $10,000 more in salary than their counterparts who don’t. Graduating from college translates to an additional $10,000 in salary earnings

2. Within the next four years, more than 1.4 million computer science jobs will become available. College graduates are expected to fill 29% of those, while women are expected to fill only 3% of those jobs. Yet, 37% of girls between the ages of 13 to 17 express interest in computer science.

3. According to national statistics from the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor, Hispanic women have the lowest participation in the workforce than any other ethnicity. Girls Inc. of San Diego helps girls of color identify avenues to college and the work force by providing support for the college application and financial aid process, as well as job readiness and financial literacy training.

[1] Source: Data U.S.A – San Diego, CA

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