Become a Champion for Girls with a one-time donation.

Support Girls Inc. of San Diego County with a donation of any amount. Your gift will ensure we can continue delivering quality programming to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold. Contributions can support girls in the following ways:

  • $500 pays for transportation for 7 girls to visit a local college or STEM-focused company
  • $250 provides equipment and supplies for one class session of Operation SMART (STEM)
  • $100 covers the cost of Internet access for a coding program at a subsidized housing community
  • $50 covers the cost of recruitment materials and graduation certificates for one program site

WHY GIVE TO GIRLS INC. of san diego county?

will not finish school on time 79% of Girls Inc. teens are on track to graduate high school.

77% of Girls inc. girls are happy with their bodies, compared to 48% of girls nationally.

65% of high school girls have ever used alcohol. 22% of Girls Inc. high school girls have ever used alcohol.

90% of Girls Inc. girls are hopeful about their futures.

Our school site was in need of a female support group for our at-risk students and Girls Inc. has become an invaluable service for them. This is the first year Girls Inc. has been implemented at Harriet Tubman and I have noticed a sense of unity and empowerment amongst the girls in the group. Teachers have also shared that student behavior and academics have improved and girls have been displaying more leadership and role model qualities.

Rebecca, School Counselor