As a 100% outreach program, Girls Inc. of San Diego County works with schools, community partners and other social service providers, to bring programs to where girls live and go to school. In a supporting, mentoring and pro-girl environment, girls attend one to two Girls Inc. classes a week throughout the program semester.

At each site, girls are invited to participate in Girls Inc. programs via recruiting events or referrals from teachers and counselors. Girls may participate in as many semesters of Girls Inc. programming as they would like at no cost to themselves or their families. In each consecutive semester, girls experience a different program topic from our Strong, Smart or Bold curriculum.

Girls Inc. Girls Are STRONG

Empower Girls to Live Healthy and Active Lives 

Girls today face a broad range of challenges to their physical, mental, social and emotional health: food deserts or food swamps, too little physical activity, media and cultural messages overemphasizing the importance of physical appearance and unrealistic expectations and pressures from a variety of sources, including family and peer groups. In San Diego County, girls learn that they are in charge of their health by gaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead and sustain healthy lifestyles. For example, the Mind + Body program focuses on physical activity, body image, nutrition and stress management. In a supportive and safe environment, girls build healthy approaches to food and physical activity, learn to appreciate their bodies and manage stress as key components of their well-being.    

STRONG Programs:
Mind + Body
Healthy Sexuality
Media Literacy
Friendly PEERsuasion

Girls Inc. Girls Are SMART

Promote Educational Opportunities & Economic Independence

Academic achievement and high school graduation are important predictors of positive life outcomes. Girls today have greater educational opportunities than ever before, as more girls and women are graduating high school and attending college than in previous decades. Girls Inc. of San Diego County supports girls in achieving their academic and career goals, so girls have equal opportunities to succeed. Today’s generation of girls has the potential to narrow the gender pay and leadership gaps that have long been pervasive in our society and it is imperative that they are given the tools and supports to do so!

Smart Programs:
• College Bound, Job Ready!
• Coding & Computer Science
Operation SMART/Thinking SMART
Economic Literacy

Girls Inc. Girls Are BOLD

Help Girls Avoid Trouble and Know How to Protect Themselves and Their Peers 

The goal of BOLD programming is to increase girls’ ability to be safer in their homes, relationships and communities by building their sense of personal power. The girl-focused approach addresses the issues young girls face today and lays the foundation for handling violent scenarios. Through engaging activities, each girl learns about her personal power, being safe in her community, what a friend is, being a friend, basic needs, safety from physical/sexual abuse and people they can trust.

Bold Programs:
Leadership and Community Action


Girls Inc. of San Diego County works with sites around the county to deliver programming to underserved girls. Read about how programming impacts the community by clicking the names of each site below: