Girls Inc. of San Diego County (GISD) advocates for the safety and well-being of girls in San Diego County. As of 2017, San Diego is home to an estimated 8,000 victims of human trafficking. The average age of a trafficked child is 15 years old. Being that lower income, under-served populations are at higher risk for being targeted by traffickers, GISD is taking a strong stand against the exploitation of girls in our community by committing to deliver trafficking prevention curriculum to 150 girls in the 2018-2019 school year.

GISD is partnering with 3Strands Global Foundation and the San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective to raise awareness among girls 8 to 18 about the threats, signs and risks of human trafficking. GISD will incorporate the PROTECT curriculum provided by the San Diego Trafficking Prevention Collective, and funded by 3Strands Global Foundation, into all our Strong and Bold program initiatives throughout the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.


Women and girls represent the vast majority of human trafficking victims, constituting 71% of victims globally. Women are mainly trafficked for sexual exploitation, but also for forced marriages, domestic servitude or other types of forced labor. Many of the girls we serve in San Diego County experience factors that may put them at risk of becoming victims – low income status, immigrant or refugee status, family disruption that leaves them unsupervised, living in high crime areas, and more.

Efforts to combat trafficking in San Diego have been very effective in after-care for survivors and prosecution of traffickers, yet prevention efforts are few and far beyond. This is why GISD has decided to partner with 3Strands Global Foundation to help deliver curriculum that complies with the Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act (Bill AB-1227). By embedding the PROTECT curriculum into our leadership- and health-oriented programming, girls will learn to protect themselves from predators, and recognize signs of others being targeted.


Girls Inc.’s Leadership & Community Action program provides a template for girls to develop their leadership skills by rallying around a social change project that impacts their community. First, girls are introduced to the threats of trafficking through age-appropriate methods such as artwork and history presentation, from the PROTECT curriculum. Then, through Girls Inc. programming, they are taught how to become leaders, and receive project planning resources. These are used by girls to create a community action campaign around trafficking prevention in any way they see fit: by speaking to school leaders, creating art or flyers, setting up an information, and more.

In addition to programming for girls, GISD staff receive the PROTECT teacher training which includes topics such as identifying the warning signs of trafficking, understanding trauma and knowing how to respond to incident of trafficking. Moreover, GISD works to facilitate this training for educators at affiliated school sites.

Educators interested in participating in PROTECT training should contact 3Strands Global Foundation


Girls Inc. of San Diego is a firm believer in letting girls develop their leadership skills by advocating for themselves – but we also need the support from the San Diego community to end the trafficking of girls. Here are some ways you can support girls:

  • Learn about human trafficking through the GISD Trafficking Brief
  • Sign up as a Volunteer Mentor for our Leadership & Community Action program
  • Become a Social Media Ambassador for Girls Inc.

Get in touch with your local school to find out how they are complying with AB-1227