12 Girls Inc. Graduates Share Experiences & Future Plans


Congratulations to Our 2018 Graduates!

Anayeli Clares, Valley High School- I have been a part of Girls Inc. since my freshman year. Girls Inc. is a place where I can be myself and feel motivated to do my best. Like Girls Inc., I want to have an impact which is why I decided to major in a field that will allow me to help teens. As a counselor, I want to guide them in the right direction so that they may get in to the college of their choice and form healthy relationships. After graduation I will attend Palomar College and then transfer to either California State University San Marcos or the University of San Diego.

Deysi Chavez Pineda, Escondido High School- I have earned a 4.0 overall GPA and am an active member of CSF and volunteer in a preschool reading program. However, my life wasn’t easy and I have overcome a lot, including moving to the U.S. when I was 14 years old and learning English as a second language. I was impacted greatly by Girls Inc. when I joined my sophomore year because I could go there and learn English. Even though I sometimes struggled, everyone always made sure that I felt welcome. I plan to attend college and major in Spanish. I’ve been accepted to SDSU, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU San Marcos, CSU San Bernardino, UC San Diego, UC Riverside, and UC Merced.

Delia Domingo, Escondido High School- What I enjoyed about being in Girls Inc. was being able to express myself. Girls Inc. has helped me build my confidence and to be more comfortable standing out and just being myself. Before Girls Inc., I was less confident because I was being bullied at school. This program helped me walk through the halls and not be worried to fall and stay down, but to stand up and keep walking. I am passionate about singing and playing sports. After I graduate I want to attend a cosmetology college, earn an Associate degree and get licensed as a Cosmetologist.

Erika Valladares, Escondido High School- I joined Girls Inc. my sophomore year through GEAR UP and I really like participating in all the programs. I got my first after-school job in a local restaurant because of Girls Inc. They helped me practice for my interview and resume and it really made a positive impression on the people interviewing me. My mom is a single mom so I help her financially to support our home and my younger brother. Being in Girls Inc. and coming from an immigrant family has motivated me to push myself. I plan to attend college after high school and pursue my college degree. Even though I am not sure what I want to do yet, I know that Girls Inc. will continue supporting my dream.

Guadalupe Luna, Orange Glen High School- Before Girls Inc. I was not comfortable talking to an adult or being involved in a club. But when I joined Girls Inc. my life changed. Every time I went to the meetings I felt like I was at home since everyone was so open and friendly. After that experience I joined other clubs in school. I am an active member of Key Club, and the National Honors Society. Becoming a member of Girls Inc. was a great experience and I regret not taking it earlier. Before, I was not sure what I wanted to do after high school but now I plan to go to community college and then transfer to a university. I want to become a nurse and a cosmetologist.

Kristen Castaneda, Orange Glen High School- I joined Girls Inc. my sophomore year and I thought it was interesting because I met a lot of girls that had the same goals and interests as me. Girls Inc. was a place I could go after school to learn about coding and jobs that I could have after high school, and to make new friends. Girls Inc. helped me build my confidence and grow as a person and I appreciate all the help I received. Girls Inc. is really all about pushing girls to be the best version of themselves. I will be attending community college next year and transferring to a four-year university where I will be majoring either in social work or psychology.

Leslie Cedillo, Escondido High School- Life has not been easy for me and speaking to people about my situation has been a challenge. I have struggled with feeling good about myself, and when I was younger I was bullied. Girls Inc. has helped me to feel more confident, and to learn that nobody is perfect. It has also helped me make new friends and to speak about my personal life around them and share my feelings. In addition to Girls Inc. I’ve also been involved in Seventh-day Adventist Church club, and the Club of Pathfinders. After high school I plan to go to Palomar Community College and then transfer to CSU San Marcos to get my Bachelor’s degree to become a Labor and Delivery Nurse.

Lucero Resendiz, Escondido High School- I am a two-year participant of Girls Inc. I also volunteer at school to help incoming freshmen with their transfer and help during summer registration. I help out in my community’s public library, with the humane society, and engage with young students through reading. Girls Inc. helped me overcome struggles and get back to being the outgoing and friendly person I am. Girls Inc. has also been one of the biggest cheerleaders of my plan to go to Palomar College and then transfer to Cal State Long Beach to major in business administration with a minor in Spanish. I hope to return to my home country of Mexico to work with young people and help them have a better education without needing to leave home.

Mariana Robles, Fallbrook High School- I am the daughter of immigrants who came to this country to make a better life for myself and my siblings. I will be the first in my family to graduate high school and attend college. I strive to make an example for my siblings, I want them and everyone else to know that despite the difficulties, they can do it, as long as they try with everything they have. My sister introduced me to Girls Inc. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and the many activities we did there. I especially enjoyed the connection I made with all the girls. My goal after high school is to attend Palomar college and then transfer to UCLA. I plan to become a Clinical Psychologist.

Ruby Reyes, Escondido High School- Once I lived in the American dream. Yet, due to family problems, we moved to Mexico when I was 11. The lifestyle I once lived was gone, we had economic hardships, and I had to adapt to a new language and customs. At 16 I decided to come back to the U.S. alone and continue my education. I participate in many school activities including regional Mexican dance and CSF. Girls Inc. helped me overcome challenges while adapting back into the U.S. What I enjoy most about Girls Inc. is the union I share among the other girls which built my confidence to have a voice. Additionally, I received emotional and educational support which helped on my path to college. I plan to major in Biology at CSU San Marcos.

Veronica Ung, San Pasqual High School- Veronica is heavily involved in community service both on and off campus. She is a member of Key Club and has been a club officer for three years. When Veronica first stumbled upon a Girls Inc. flyer she was hesitant to go to the meeting, but the confidence and new friendships that she built after joining made it worthwhile. Girls Inc. has provided her with interview tactics and world skills which have enhanced her confidence in everyday life. The partnership that Girls Inc. made with coding has had a strong impact on her. After high school Veronica plans to go to the University of San Diego to major in software engineering and help make a difference in the severely underrepresented area of STEM.

Yesenia Yañez, Escondido High School- Yesenia is ranked #15 in a class of 600+ students. She is a (DACA) Dreamer who was raised by a single mother and with little guidance. However, she has surrounded herself with extraordinary friends, teachers, and mentors. She is proudly involved in CSF, NHS, Link Crew, and Reading Legacies. Girls Inc. has given her confidence, provided her with valuable resources, and reminded her to stay a strong, smart, and bold young woman. She has been accepted to eight universities, and will continue to challenge herself by being the first person in her family to go to college, and pursue a career in Physical Therapy.