Volunteer Spotlight – Princess La Faye Lynch


Princess La Faye Lynch is an officer in the United States Navy, where she is a Military Substance Abuse Counselor. Her role in the military is to support and counsel military members recovering from addiction or other substance abuse.

In 2019 she was seeking an opportunity to work with youth. All Princess knew was that she wanted to volunteer for an organization that helped young kids through mentorship and support. After researching Girls Inc. of San Diego County (GISD), she knew she had found that opportunity!

“The most rewarding thing about volunteering with Girls Inc. of San Diego is having the ability to change lives through small actions,” she says.

Miss Princess, as the girls called her, came to the program meeting with a huge smile and a lot of energy every single time. She took her role as a mentor very seriously and with a lot of passion. The girls knew she was one more adult they could trust and feel safe around.

Princess’ military background inspired and encouraged girls to learn more about careers in the military and their options after high school. Princess worked with one Girls Inc. participant named Christiana, who was a Cadet in her high school’s Navy JROTC program. Christiana invited Princess to be the one to pin her as the newest cadet to join the JROTC Program in her pinning ceremony. Princess recalls this as “an absolutely amazing and heartwarming experience, as I am currently a military member; it was an honor to be invited to be part of her ceremony.”

GISD is grateful to Princess’s dedication to the Girls Inc. mission to inspire girls to be strong, smart and bold. After a year of volunteering, Princess had mentored more than 15 girls.

“I would definitely recommend others to volunteer with Girls Inc. of San Diego. The programs become the village and support young ladies’ needs. Girls Inc. is helping to shape them into better leaders and provide them with the support they may not be receiving elsewhere. Ultimately, Girls Inc. is changing lives!”