The recent events across our country are a painful reminder that we all need to stand up for equity and safety for all Black communities and communities of color. In response to this Girls Inc. of San Diego County, along with our teens, have launched Seeds of Change, a 10 session online series that will give teens the opportunity to explore and analyze social justice issues, then create positive actions toward social change. We will face the current social and political climate through our mission of inspiring all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold!

This will be a safe-space for teens to have meaningful conversations around social injustice, community activism and be a part of a network of girls that are also passionate about the following topics:

WEEKS: 1-2 Social Justice and Injustice
WEEKS: 3-4 Role of Race and Gender in Society
WEEKS: 5-6 How to Actively and Peacefully Disrupt Racism
WEEKS: 7-8 Cultural Identity and Representation
WEEKS: 9-10 How to be an Educated Ally and Digital organizing

We welcome all girls, trans-girls, gender nonconforming teens, two-spirit, LGBTQIA+ teens to this space!