2017: The Year of Code


Within the next four years, more than 1.4 million computer science jobs will become available. While college graduates are expected to fill 29% of these jobs, women are only expected to fill 3%. Yet, 37% of girls between ages 13 and 17 express interest in computer science.1 GISD is bridging the gap, equipping women at younger ages who face socioeconomic barriers with hands-on coding and computer science training at a young age.

Preparing girls to pursue opportunities for higher wage occupations such as those in STEM fields can create favorable outcomes for girls of color. Earning a college degree can translate into an economic benefit of more than $20,000 in additional annual earnings compared to only obtaining a high school diploma. Obtaining a high school diploma amounts to almost $10,000 in additional annual earnings compared to those who do not finish high school. Furthermore, girls who graduate from high school are more likely to have higher paying jobs and healthier lifestyles, and are less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system.

“My proudest achievement related to the program is looking more into (computer) programming and knowing it can be a
career that I love.” – Gabriella, 2017 Coding Program participant

In 2017, GISD started its first semester-long coding programs, serving 60 girls across the county. This class helped participants learn how to make personalized emojis, create web pages and code with HTML, Javascript and Block Code. Each girl in the program received 20 hours of computer science and coding training. More importantly, the program showed girls that a career in STEM is attainable and fun!

Thanks to generous corporate and community grants,  GISD will expand its STEM programming and implement Thinking SMART in Fall of 2018.

“I never knew how interesting it would be to work with other girls who code. Participating showed me how to help others, collaborate and give advice, and [learn] the importance of time management.” – Guadalupe, 2017 Coding Program participant